• Account Number OBG: Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Speciality OBG: Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Location TX

I have teamed up with an award-winning Hospital in Texas that is looking to grow an already thriving area of the hospital. Below is some information on the opportunity.

OB/GYN Clinics:

  •  Same campus as the hospital
  • 10-15 patients per day
  • Exam rooms: 4
  • Procedure room: 1
  • Hospital:
    • 7 LDRP
    • 2 Post-partum
    • 1 C-section OR in the OB
  • Schedule: (4.5 day work week)
    • Average: 10-15 patients per day
    • Adult: 4.5-day work week 
    • EMR can be on laptop or desktop; physicians can set the clinic up how they see fit
  • Support Staff:
    • LVN per doctor
    • Receptionist per office 
  • The culture here is a TEAM oriented approach focusing on quality of patient care
  • EMR: Harris Care tracker in clinic CPSI/Evident for In-Patient/Hospital
  • CALL:
    • OB/GYN: 1:4 – week at a time
      • VERY flexible, physicians work together on call schedule
  • This Hospital is located in a growing community, with great amenities and a thriving downtown.
For additional information on this opportunity, please contact me, Bo Hawkins, at  (866) 414-6077 or  469-708-5445 , via email at bhawkins@arthurmarshall.com.


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