• Account Number DT: Dentist
  • Speciality DT: Dentist
  • Location TN

Associate to Partner – General Dentistry – $275k W-2 – TN

The Opportunity:

  • This is a very successful, but small organization, with funds and vision to grow into a manageable but dominant sized group in a booming community.  This is not a DSO.
  • Recently purchased a thriving practice, on a major through street with lots of traffic, from someone looking to retire.  He will remain on to ease transition, but this will be your practice with tons of financial and operational support.
  • Partnership is the end goal. 
  • No Medicaid.  No public health.
  • General Family Dentistry
  • Anything specialty focused beyond General Restorative you are welcomed to pursue, in fact encouraged to pursue, so long as it makes business sense and doesn’t detract from the needs of the Restorative patient base.
  • Money – A minimum guarantee will be offered to get you up and running.  It should not take long at all as this is an established practice currently seeing patients.  Plug in and go.  Make it your own.  Grow it to meet the incredible potential of this part of town that is being heavily invested in. 
  • $275k W-2 is a conservative earning number based on historical data.  Current dentist working in a very similar practice 20 minutes away is clearing $300k consistently.



  • 600,000 metro population
  • Thriving real estate market – which is a great indication of the overall financial health of the metro area.
  • Temperate Climate year-round – never too hot or too cold.  Snow sticks every other year for a day or two.  That’s it.
  • Great regional airport in city.  Several major international airports within 2 hours from home.
  • Dozens of neighborhoods to choose from.  Live anywhere you like.  Everything is within 20 minutes of your office.
  • This is an incredible opportunity for someone hungry and looking to make their mark.  Enjoy the financial and personal rewards from ownership without the personal risk of funding a brand-new startup practice or location.


Candidate Parameters:

  • MUST HAVE some real-world (post training) experience.  Very strong “2020s” with comfort being alone in their own practice will be considered.  2021s and beyond  – not a fit just yet.
  • Looking for patient-focused easy to work with people with positive attitudes and a love for their work.
  • Malpractice history will be considered.
  • Major criminal history will most likely exclude one from consideration but let’s discuss.  Traffic violations or isolated incidents happen to all of us. 
  • Visas – This is a private for-profit entity without academic affiliation and not serving anything close to an underserved area.  We are not equipped to work with Visas of any kind.
  • Serious inquiries – please send your CV to carmstrong@arthurmarshall.com and note the best time and phone number to reach you for our initial phone meeting.

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