Physician References

David N. Brotman, MD, FACS - General Surgery

“I can't say enough about the Arthur Marshall Recruitment Team! I was ready for, but still a bit uncertain about, a major change in surgical practice style and lifestyle. From my first response to his advertisement, Tim provided me with an abundance of critical practice opportunity details (essentially all of which proved accurate), asked me questions that helped me figure out what I was truly looking for, encouraged me to investigate further without undue pressure, and guided me toward what is panning out to be one of the best decisions in my life! Thank you, Mr. Ketterman and Arthur Marshall!”

G. Brian Bechill, D.O. - Family Practice

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Lane Willhite. I wanted to take a moment to share what a great job Lane did for me. He was very thorough and spent a lot of time dealing with many difficult issues for me. He made the whole process as stress free and smooth as possible for me and my wife. This was by far the best experience I have had with a physician placement service. I would gladly recommend Lane and ARTHUR|MARSHALL to any healthcare professional looking for a first job or making a career change!"

William G. Crane, Jr., D.O. - Ophthalmologist

"It is difficult for me to put into words how grateful I am for the service Jeremy Rayford of Arthur|Marshall provides." [Read Letter]

Paul J. Schonbrun, D.O. - Emergency, Disaster and Tactical Medicine

"I am writing this letter in support of my recruiter for the last few months. He has been an awesome guy and has helped me extensively with two interviews and done a great deal of work on my behalf. He is easy to talk to and responds to my calls in a timely fashion. He asks the questions that need to be asked and finds the answers that are needed. He has sought out positions for me when none existed. He has remained an advocate for the client, addressing their questions and needs, as well as for me (the candidate) throughout the entire process. My recruiter has helped me through the difficult position of being an unemployed physician trying to find the right fit and a new practice. He has made himself available to me 24/7 and has even given me his both cellular and home phone numbers to help me when I had questions or problems at odd hours. He is an honest and reliable professional who is totally dedicated to his job, his wife and his children. You are lucky to have him as an employee and I was lucky to get him as my recruiter and friend. Thank you."

Alamgir Khan, M.D. - Pulmonary Critical Care Physician

"During my job search, I came across many different firms and spoke to many representatives, but personally I was and still am very impressed with ARTHUR|MARSHALL 1. They were well informed; my ARTHUR|MARSHALL consultant had already visited and surveyed the actual opportunity, community, and met with the hospital/physicians. 2. My consultant personally met with me (face to face) before the interview, which gave me a chance to get even more information about the opportunity. 3. The ARTHUR|MARSHALL representatives were available beyond just 8:00 to 5:00...they were willing and able to communicate after work hours to meet my availability. Honestly, these qualities of ARTHUR|MARSHALL helped finalize my job decision and I would highly recommend them."

Drs. Ted & Jodi Triggs - Internal Medicine Specialists

"I had the pleasure to work with ARTHUR|MARSHALL when looking for a new job in 2005-2006. I responded to a mailing about a Hospitalist opportunity. I was very impressed with the whole process. I had prior experience with physician recruitment firms in the past, and was left with a negative impression. ARTHUR|MARSHALL changed my opinion. When I contacted the agency about the job, the representative did not immediately try and sell me on the job. They were more interested to see what my needs were, what type of employment I was interested in seeking, and what type of family life I wanted. Once my needs were identified, they provided me the jobs that best suited my needs, and it happened to be the one I had called to ask about. There was no, I repeat, no high sales pressure to place me in this job. I was amazed at how much ARTHUR|MARSHALL knew about the opportunity prior to my visit. They had actually sent one of their consultants to the location to talk with the physicians, administration, and obtain personal and demographic details of the city and surrounding areas. ARTHUR|MARSHALL knew all the details about the job and location prior to me talking with the potential employer. I was very impressed with the depth of their knowledge. My wife was very skeptical about the change. She is a physician also, and the ARTHUR|MARSHALL consultant took the time to go through all the details with her separately. After she talked with them, she too was more comfortable, and impressed with their recruitment process. The ARTHUR|MARSHALL consultant helped us through every step of the process. They made sure that we, as well as the potential employer, had all questions, and concerns addressed. The consultant even flew to our location to meet with us prior to the employer’s interview. I enjoyed meeting with him, and that type of commitment shows what a reputable firm ARTHUR|MARSHALL has become. I believe you will be very impressed and satisfied with choosing ARTHUR|MARSHALL. They are truly a firm with integrity, high standards, and exceptional ethics."

Jim Hall, M.D. - Internal Medicine Specialist

"ARTHUR|MARSHALL made it easy to find the perfect opportunity for me. They were very professional and made this entire process smooth. They are truly an honest, professional group who will do all they can to help make a perfect match between physician, community, and employment opportunity."

Mark Lobaugh, M.D. - Obstetrics/Gynecologist

"I enjoyed working with you and the staff at ARTHUR|MARSHALL. You were persistent in every detail. You gave a fair assessment of the practice opportunity and the advertised income was reached during the first year. Changing jobs can be a very stressful event. Your firm made the transition much easier. I would recommend you and would not hesitate to use you again."

Xiaotuan Zhao, M.D. - Gastroenterologist

"ARTHUR|MARSHALL is the best physician search organization that I worked with during my job hunt. The firm was not just a telemarketing company but they really expressed an interest in my needs as a physician. They developed an individual profile of me and my situation and successfully matched this with the practice I ultimately selected. They provided reasonable follow up throughout the recruiting process and did so in a timely manner. I was especially impressed with the constant access I had to my consultant and the time he dedicated to me. He provided timely feedback to my questions and concerns and meticulously setup every detail of my interview. I am so impressed that they really turned the physician job search process, a very complicated and stressful process, into such an enjoyable positive experience. Let me express my personal appreciation to ARTHUR|MARSHALL for your excellent service."


"We have finally found a firm that understands our needs and continues to exceed our expectations on a consistent basis..." [Read Letter]

- Becky Akert, Recruitment & Human Resources / The Physician Network, Lincoln, NE

"I had the pleasure to work with ARTHUR|MARSHALL when looking for a new job in 2005-2006. I responded to a mailing about a Hospitalist opportunity. I was very impressed with the whole process. I had prior experience with physician recruitment f... [Read More]

- Drs. Ted & Jodi Triggs / Internal Medicine Specialists

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