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Title State
FPG:FamilyPractice/GeriatricMedicine MN
P:Psychiatry AK
FP:FamilyPractice AR
P:Psychiatry GA
OPT: Optometry AZ
IM:InternalMedicine AL
FP:FamilyPractice AL
IM:InternalMedicine AR
GS:GeneralSurgery AR
N:Neurology NY
P:Psychiatry GA
GE:Gastroenterology SC
EM:EmergencyMedicine MO
FP:FamilyPractice KY
RNP Registered Nurse Practitioner AZ
P:Psychiatry AK
IC:InterventionalCardiology CO
FP:FamilyPractice AL
PNP:PsychiatricNursePractitioner CO
CHP:ChildPsychiatry CO


"Thanks to their advertisement and in-depth screening process, we were able to make an offer and sign the first candidate they brought on-site for an interview!"

- Pam Chambers, Administrator / Great Bend Regional Hospital, Great Bend, KS

"ARTHUR|MARSHALL made it easy to find the perfect opportunity for me. They were very professional and made this entire process smooth. They are truly an honest, professional group who will do all they can to help make a perfect match between physi... [Read More]

- Jim Hall, M.D. / Internal Medicine Specialist

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