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ARTHUR | MARSHALL's professional consultants are the industry leading experts in physician recruitment and building your success.

We represent physician practice opportunities in all specialties of medicine (M.D. and D.O.) with clients in regions across the United States. ARTHUR | MARSHALL works by first taking each opportunity it represents and projecting the need for a physician to the national marketplace via a proprietary and multi-tiered marketing effort. As qualified physician candidates arise, they are taken through a proven and detailed process to determine their needs, both personally and professionally, and then matched with a similar practice opportunity in a desirable location.

Each practice opportunity is thoroughly investigated with a detailed, on-site visit by an ARTHUR | MARSHALL recruiting expert. An in-depth profile and analysis of the community, hospital, clinic and practice is made to ensure the viability and marketability of each search.

Our consultants are adept at guiding each client, each physician and their family through this process from the start to the final contract signing and relocation.  This detailed process has been proven to accomplish the goals of each client by locating, hiring and retaining quality physicians and each physician we represent by easing the stresses of relocation and finding the right opportunity.

The principals of ARTHUR | MARSHALL are pioneers in the field of physician recruitment and have amassed over 60 years of proven success.

Founded by Bruce Crawford and Curtis Pryor, ARTHUR | MARSHALL is located in Irving, Texas.

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